Opened in 1995, this purpose built distillery has already proven itself as a serious and quality driven player in the whisky world. Located on the Isle of Arran at the Lochranza Village, considered by many to be one of the most beautiful locations in Scotland.

The location was chosen after extensive research, add the fact that although no whisky had been produced on this island for more than a 150 years, history still fondly remembered the Arran waters of the past. It was considered to be home of Scotland’s best illicit whisky.

The visitors centre and restaurant are highly regarded and have a very high rating by Scotland’s tourist board. In 2007 the distillery was voted by Whisky Magazine as Distiller of the Year an enormous achievement for such a young distillery.

The spirit itself has a beautiful crisp fresh nose of apple and layers of fine exotic soft fruits and long mocha java notes, that characteristically end with a good spicy sprinkle of white pepper.

As of 2011 they have started bottling a peated version too.